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Saving supermarkets money.

Powerful data collection and analytics software for refrigeration systems.
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Reduce your maintenance costs by 20%.

Get strategic about where you spend money on maintenance. With Kalder, you’ll have precise diagnostics, so you can manage your system more effectively. Turn emergency service into planned maintenance.

Reduce your energy costs by 25%.

The single biggest cost for supermarkets is refrigeration. The single biggest opportunity to cut costs? Also refrigeration. Kalder’s maintenance recommendations increase and maintain your equipment’s overall efficiency, cutting energy costs in the long run.

Increase your equipment’s life by an additional five years.

Fix problems with your refrigeration before they happen. Kalder’s onboard diagnostics alert you of issues, reducing equipment failure and maintaining optimal operation. Fully functioning refrigeration systems extend your equipment’s life cycle.

Your customers will thank you.

When refrigeration units run properly and efficiently, you save on more than energy and service costs. In the long term, you’ll reduce product and sales loss due to equipment failure. Maintaining product integrity will keep your customers coming back. Customer satisfaction will only go up.
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Costco Wholesale — Brentwood, Tennessee

42% increase in annual savings post-project. Actual annual savings of $65,559.

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A passion for technology, analysis and innovation.

Kalder was established in 2016. We’re a young company, but we’re built on a strong legacy. Our parent company is Neelands Group, a reputable commercial refrigeration business that has been in the industry for over 50 years. Many of Kalder’s team members have transferable technical skills that have been learned over long careers. You can trust us — we’re experts!
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How to get Kalder working for you:

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    Test Kalder in a single store
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    Implement chain-wide
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    Reduce costs by 10 to 25%

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