Case Study

Goodness Me! — Hamilton, Ontario

283,714 kWh saved in one year. Estimated savings of $28,371.

Refrigeration system and control renovations, combined with Kalder’s data collection and analysis at Goodness Me’s Upper Gage Avenue location led to a massive decrease in annual electricity consumption.

The Results

  • 69%
    decrease in annual electricity consumption
  • 283K
    kWh annual energy savings
  • $28K
    estimated annual savings

Goodness Me! is a fast-growing independent organic and natural grocer in Southwestern Ontario. 

It takes an incredible amount of power to keep their natural and organic foods fresh. As an environmentally conscious company, Goodness Me! wanted to find ways to reduce their overall energy consumption without compromising the freshness of their products. 

Kalder helped replace individually operating compressors were with more efficient, centralized compressor racks. Kalder now monitors a newly installed refrigeration system and a Micro Thermo Control System. 

Their Hamilton's store energy consumption is now 69% less than before, resulting in $28,000 in annual savings. 

Additional Technical Details

  • Individually operating compressors were replaced with more efficient, centralized compressor racks.

  • The existing system consists of nine (9) medium temperature cases and six (6) low-temperature cases. Each case has a self-contained refrigeration system with a compressor(s) and evaporator fan/coil.

  • The energy efficient case replaced the individual compressors with a centralized compressor rack for both the low temperature and medium temperature systems. 

  • Each case kept its existing evaporator fan/coil. 

  • New Micro Thermo control system installed to provide improved control of the new compressor racks. 

How to get Kalder working for you:

  • 1
    Test Kalder in a single store
  • 2
    Implement chain-wide
  • 3
    Reduce costs by 10 to 25%

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