Case Study

Longo’s — Brampton, Ontario

182,134 kWh saved in one year. Estimated savings of $18,213.

Kalder assisted with refrigeration system renovations and now monitors the entire refrigeration system at family-run supermarket chain Longo’s south Brampton location.


  • 26%
    decrease in annual electricity consumption
  • 182K
    kWh annual energy savings
  • $18K
    estimated annual savings

Longo's is one of Ontario's most reputable family-owned grocers. They pride themselves in their offering of choice meats, mouth-watering cheeses, fresh produce and high-quality dairy. 

To keep their selection fresh, Longo's relies on top-quality refrigeration units. And the cost to operate those units is costly.

When Longo's needed to renovate their store, they turned to Kalder to find ways to reduce their refrigeration costs. Kalder helped replace the store’s 95 existing racks, cases and condensers with high-efficiency models. 

The refrigeration controls were also changed and upgraded to a Micro Thermo control system, including new evaporator coils.

Kalder now monitors all refrigeration units in the store, ensuring they run properly and efficiently. Their products are just as fresh, but their refrigeration costs are now over $18,000 less than before. 

Additional Technical Details

  • The energy-efficient case has a lower capacity and a higher efficiency. Four (4) compressor low temperature racks replaced the existing five (5) compressor racks and six (6) compressor medium temperature racks replaced the existing eight (8) compressor racks.

  • All ninety-five (95) cases are being replaced by higher efficiency cases with similar capacities.

  • Control system changed to a Micro Thermo control system.

  • Evaporator coils were replaced.

How to get Kalder working for you:

  • 1
    Test Kalder in a single store
  • 2
    Implement chain-wide
  • 3
    Reduce costs by 10 to 25%

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