Critical Alarm Monitoring

Monitor your refrigeration in one place.

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Monitor the critical systems in your facility with a single integrated platform. Easily identify issues with 3D renderings of your site and equipment.

Critical Alarm Monitoring (CAM) is a software product that communicates refrigeration system issues to the user. 

When installed, alarms are set inside of existing refrigeration systems. When an issue arises, the alarm will be triggered and the software will flag it.

These alarms are connected to a 3D rendering of a store’s floor plan. The rendering is displayed graphically in the software’s interface, making any issues easily identifiable. 

Additional Features & Specifications

  • CAM software is installed with minimal hardware and can integrate data from existing systems.
  • Alarm set points and system control points are monitored to maintain corporate standards.
  • Data is stored for five years and can be graphed and exported for reporting purposes.
  • User access is controlled and logged.
  • CAM software uses solid-state electronics to ensure reliability.
  • CAM can be expanded as the site grows.
  • Remote access is available through Kalder’s Remote Access Monitor (RAM) software. Sites can also be accessed through third-party tools such as TeamViewer or RealVNC.
  • Remote access to site controllers such as Emerson E2 can be provided through Kalder’s Remote Access Monitor (RAM) software.
  • CAM software can stream data from multiple protocols, such as Micro Thermo, Emerson (CPC) and Danfoss. This enables centralized monitoring of multiple systems in one tool.

How to get Kalder working for you:

  • 1
    Test Kalder in a single store
  • 2
    Implement chain-wide
  • 3
    Reduce costs by 10 to 25%

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