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Spot refrigeration issues before they turn into problems. Kalder’s powerful software is automated to continually analyze your refrigeration system’s performance — all day, every day.

The IoT Dashboard is a web service that provides real-time analytics of streaming data from your refrigeration systems. 

Through the Dashboard, you’ll get precise diagnostics on your system. You’ll know exactly how your energy is being used all the time — and the optimal times to service your equipment.

Additional Features & Specifications

Operational Performance Analysis

  • Manage mechanical systems performance.
  • Early assessment of issues with service directed to resolution.
  • Maintenance is focused on site requirements and based on operation data.

Engineered Analysis

  • Analysis of system performance to identify trends and focus maintenance activities effectively.
  • Analysis of system performance to identify degradation trends that show a need for recommissioning, retrofitting and/or replacement of equipment and systems.
  • Life-cycle analysis — comprehensive engineered reporting of site equipment and systems to forecast capital-intensive retrofitting and replacement projects ahead of performance loss.

Energy Management

  • Analysis of energy consumption.
  • Automated analytics and alerts.
  • Live web dashboard.


  • Reporting by site and region.
  • Customized reporting tool.
  • Report subscriptions tool.

How to get Kalder working for you:

  • 1
    Test Kalder in a single store
  • 2
    Implement chain-wide
  • 3
    Reduce costs by 10 to 25%

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